An amazing storyA unique taste

The story of Nero di Como is a mix of sparkling nights and a brilliant recipe which blends the sweet flavors of the Lake and the secret scents of exotic spices. It goes back to the intuition of a young entrepreneur from Como who made his fortune in the ages of the big tradings overseas. As world traveler, he was always seeking fine local products such as coffee, tea, spices, cocoa and sugar which he gladly offered to his most valued clients . When back from his travels, he used to open the ballroom of his villa on the Lake and inviting his friends over. Every night he hosted luxurious parties where music and laughters echoed throughout the big mansion till morning light. And he loved sharing with his guests all the new flavors and farthest aromas he found on his way around the world.

It was right during one of these party nights that the finest Calabrian licorice, vintage Carribean rum and local honey were mixed. It came out a delicious liquor, dark and mysterious as a

night without the moon. The creator, obviously, called it Nero di Como and soon It became a cult beetwen all the guests of these exclusive soirées by the lake. The word-of-mouth was unstoppable and everyone tryed to be invited to taste the particular aroma of Nero di Como, which light up the night and give a carefree happiness. Time seems stopped, because today, just like yesterday, the night lights up with Nero di Como.